Financial Troubles Could Force Torrington School to Close

Dozens of school employees have already been laid off, and now the financial troubles in Torrington could force an elementary school to close. Supporters of the Southwest School packed a Board of Education meeting Monday night in an effort to save it.

Southwest is Torrington’s smallest elementary school, and it’s on the chopping block as the district looks for ways to come up with $3.2 million.

“We have increased costs and less revenue coming it,” Board of Education Chair Fiona Cappabianca said. “It’s the perfect storm.”

Parents say the city’s financial problems should not be falling on their students.

“They’re going to be moved around the district, long bus routes, bigger class sizes,” Jennifer Lopez, a parent with three children in the school said.

Parents and students voiced their concerns at Tuesday night’s meeting and they plan on attending the next one on Thursday. They have also started a petition to save their school.

Board members say they have already laid off 30 school employees in the current budget, and the rest of the money has to come from somewhere.

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