Fire Breaks Out at Hartford Golf Club

Fire broke out at the Hartford Golf Club in West Hartford Wednesday morning.

The general manager of the club on Norwood Road said no one was hurt and that the fire started during maintenance on the roof.

Firefighters aren't sure how the fire started, but they said it was an accident.

They also aren't sure how many people were at the club, but said everyone was safely outside when they arrived.

At this point, there is little damage inside the building. Firefighters said they initially thought this could have been a bad fire.

"Even prior to arrival at the scene, we were able to see a significant what we call header. It's a large volume of black smoke coming straight up in the sky, but as I said before, it was contained to the roof so what we had was open burning. It was causing those byproducts to combust and be visible, but it was not burning on the inside of the building. There was some extension which is when the fire goes down a little bit, but it was not extensive," said West Hartford Fire Department Chief Greg Priest.

It's unclear how extensive the damage is on the roof.

The general manager of the club is not sure when they will re-open. 

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