Fire Breaks Out at Landfill in Manchester

Smoke at Landfill in Manchester
NBC Connecticut

Fire officials said there are no injuries or environmental hazards after a fire at the landfill on Olcott Street in Manchester Friday morning and no structures caught fire.

Manchester Fire Rescue EMS responded at 5:07 a.m. to battle a fire at the top of a landfill pile.

The fire is under control, but officials said a crew will remain at the scene for most of the day.

Intense flames were visible earlier in the morning, but the flames are gone and smoke can be seen in the area.

Manchester Mayor Jay Moran said the fire is under control, but a crew will stay at the scene for most of the day to make sure it stays under control and burns out completely on its own.

A tanker from the Glastonbury Fire Department was brought in because of the remote location.

Moran said they don't know how this fire started, but this type of fire happens in landfills every few years.

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