Fire Damages Home in South Windsor

A large two-alarm fire destroyed the home at 460 Miller Road in South Windsor, but the residents are OK thanks to a 12-year-old neighbor who noticed the flames.

Officials and neighbors said a man and a woman live in the home and got out OK, but the man went back in for one of his dogs, but crews learned that the man and dog got out and were OK, according to the fire department.

The fire was reported around 7:15 a.m. and firefighters know of the house as a "high hazard" residence with an "excessive combustible fire load" with a basement and garage loaded with "extra stuff" and possible fireworks, according to a news release from the fire department.

Emergency crews heard what sounded like ammunition at the corner of the house and the homeowner said it could have been ammunition, according to officials. 

It burned for about an hour and the fire chief said belongings on the bottom floor and several additions to the house complicated efforts to put out the flames.

“Whenever you have a house with additional additions to the house, there’s always void spaces and areas that are hard to access and with the amount of combustibles inside the house, the fire load intensifies quickly,” South Windsor Fire Chief Kevin Cooney said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but the homeowner thinks it might have started at the pellet stove. 

Chad Davis, a neighbor, said his 12-year-old son saw the fire and they alerted authorities, as well as the family. 

"He was getting ready for school, looked out and saw it and saw the neighbors' backyard was on fire," Chad Davis, the 12-year-old's father, said. 

Davis said his family immediately called 911 and the residents, who were asleep inside.

"That's when they grabbed their dogs and headed out," Davis said.

The building department determined the building was uninhabitable and the Red Cross is helping the residents.


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