Fire Danger High Due to Dry Conditions, Gusty Winds

Winter leaves behind brush on the ground that dries out fast, creating a high risk for fire

The fire danger is rising with gusting winds. On Wednesday, firefighters in two towns had to battle brush fires.

"It's a high fire danger, and obviously the high wind conditions today do not help the situation," said South Windsor Fire Chief Kevin Cooney.

For this time of year, the fire danger is typically high. Winter leaves behind brush on the ground that dries out fast.

South Windsor firefighters trudged through rough terrain to reach a brush fire near Clark Street that scorched about four acres. They called in mutual aid to assist.

"Uneven terrain, very challenging to walk on, very labor intensive. It takes a lot of people and a lot of effort," said Cooney.

The strong winds pushed the fire through the dry grass and burned towards nearby homes.

"Our goal is to set up a perimeter around it so it doesn't spread, and once we attack the perimeter, we can work our way in and overhaul the rest of it. But that perimeter was challenging to get ahold of with the winds," said Cooney.

Firefighters managed to quickly get the fire under control and no homes were damaged.

Just a few hours before that in Granby, a brush fire there burned three acres and a small outbuilding.

The low humidity, strong and gusty winds, and dry brush create a high-fire danger in the state. The fire danger on Thursday is expected to be even higher.

Fire departments across the state are on alert and are asking residents to take precautions.

"Don't light cigarettes outside. Don't do any kind of exterior fires because anything in this weather condition doesn't take long to take off," said Cooney.

There were no reports of injuries for either fire. The causes remain under investigation.

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