Fire Destroys Hartford Home

Fire has destroyed a home on Hillside Avenue in Hartford.

The fire was reported 2:30 a.m. and everyone who was inside the home got out without injuries.

A resident told NBC Connecticut that the fire started on a second floor porch. 

Snow banks and ice posed a problem for firefighters battling the blaze.

"Once the lines start to flow and the water starts to flow, the ice, it becomes a winter wonderland with ice all over the place," Deputy Chief Carlos Huertas, of the Hartford Fire Department said.

The snow banks on Hillside Avenue are so high and the streets are so narrow that the department could only place one apparatus at a time.

Fire crews had access to fire hydrants, but some are sitting under snow.

"It behooves the citizens, if they can, if they have one in front of their house, to clean it out on their own because it is your neighborhood," Huertas said.

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