Hartford Fire Victim Describes Her Rescue by Firefighters

Hartford firefighters jumped into action to save people trapped inside a Wethersfield Avenue apartment building during a fire that sent six people, including police officers and a firefighter, to the hospital Sunday.

Hartford Assistant Fire Chief Darren Hudson said that when firefighters arrived at the building on Wethersfield Avenue there were people hanging out of windows.

“I was just sitting down on my bed playing and then my mom busted in the room saying get up, get up,” described resident Jevon Moody.

Many of the occupants had escaped on their own, but Lori Navarro could not.

“When I opened the door I couldn’t get out because it was pitch black. So I had to call out the window, help!” Navarro said.

Navarro told NBC Connecticut she moved into this building after losing everything she owned in another fire recently. This time she was saved after firefighters extended a ladder up to her window.

“I was terrified. But the fireman was amazing. He guided me all the way down,” she explained.

Three occupants and two Hartford police officers were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, and one firefighter was transported for minor burns to the hand.

Fire officials said the worst damage appears to have hit the third floor.

“We’re hopeful that some residents will be able to get back into the building this evening," Hudson said.

People who live here thanking the police officers and firefighters who quickly responded to help them out.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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