Drums of Sulfuric Acid Catch Fire Outside Pepperidge Farm Plant in Bloomfield: Official

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Operations at the Pepperidge Farm bakery plant in Bloomfield are suspended until the health department inspects the building after a tent and drums containing sulfuric acid caught fire outside on Wednesday morning, according to fire officials.

The Bloomfield Fire Department responded to the Blue Hills Avenue location after receiving reports that a tent-like structure was on fire and chemicals might be involved.

Bloomfield fire officials said they determined that there was sulfuric acid, so they let the fire burn off rather than use water to avoid a chemical reaction.

Fire at Pepperidge Farm in Bloomfield
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Officials from the company said the tent was a temporary storage spot for the chemical drums because construction is happening at the building.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental said information totes of sulfuric acid and caustic soda outside of the building caught fire, the containers failed and some of the chemicals went into catch basins on the property.

There did not appear to be any discharge of the acids off the property, the DEEP said.

No injuries are reported.

Some of the employees have gone home and some are waiting to go back inside.

The fire was reported just before 5 a.m.

Police said there are no road closures.  

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