Mike Massaro

Firefighters Serve Meals During Mother's Day Brunch in Unionville

Firefighters in Unionville were all smiles Sunday, serving up five-alarm meals during a special Mother’s Day Brunch.

Between 300-400 people enjoyed breakfast, supporting Tunxis Hose Company 1. Funds raised helped support the volunteer department.

“Proceed go to buying uniforms and our awards program,” said Chief Rich Higley. “The town does a really good job of supporting us on all of our firefighter equipment, but when it comes to the awards program and our membership, we pay for that on our own.”

For some attending, the breakfast is a way of thanking the department.

“I like to support the fireman because my husband was a diabetic and I had to call them many times,” said Marilyn Slabinski of Unionville, “and they were there and I really like supporting them."

“I would rather come here and support them than give my money to a restaurant where it’s crowded, busy and you don’t always get a flower,” said Jackalyn Gray, smiling while holding a flower provided to the mothers by the firefighters.

The event has been held for 10 years and the chief said it’s grown bigger and more festive each time.

“We added the flowers, the tablecloths, and the mothers, especially our own members’ mothers enjoy it,” explained Higley, pointing out the decorative touches added to transform the firehouse garage bay into a Mother’s Day dining area.

Breakfast served included French toast, home fries, sausage, ham, bacon and of course, eggs. Lots of eggs. The firehouse estimated they used over 2000.

When asked if this was just as good as breakfast in bed, Lynn Spencer of Farmington laughed and said, “Yes, just as good. Very good."

Slabinski, agreed, “It’s very good. You should have some!”

As for the men on the grill, they weren’t trained cooks, but highly accomplished fireman. In fact, in order to work the grill for his event, they must’ve first earned seniority at the firehouse.

“It’s a good cause,” said former chief turned head chef Brian Hunter, “you can’t get too many eggs right?"

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