Firefighter’s Teenage Son Rescues Aunt, 3 Pets From Blaze


A Norwich teen saved his aunt and three pets from a burning home early Monday morning.

Stephen Sieczkowski, 13, was sleeping in the basement of the family’s home on McClelland Avenue home around 5:30 and smelled smoke.

He ran to get his aunt and three pets out of the home as quickly as possible.

Stephen’s father, Mark Sieczkowski, is a firefighter with the East Great Plain Volunteer Fire Department and raced home when he heard the call come over the scanner to make sure everyone was safe.

Yantic firefighters were the first to arrive at the scene and kept most of the damage limited to the basement.

"We’re setting up things. We’re boarding up the house (to) secure it from the weather and helping Mark and Robin salvage anything they can out of the house,” Sherwood Raymond, of the East Great Plain Volunteer Fire Department said.

The cause is still under investigation.

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