Firehouse Named in Mayor Mike's Honor

The city of Hartford is paying tribute to the late Mayor Mike Peters by renaming a firehouse in his honor.

Engine Company 15 is celebrating its 100th anniversary and dedicated the firehouse on Fairfield Avenue as the "Michael Peters Fire Station," in honor of the firefighter turned mayor.

Peters, 60, died January after a long battle with liver disease. Four months earlier, he underwent surgery for a liver transplant.

“Mayor Mike helped Hartford believe in itself so that others would believe in us. His catchphrase, ‘Go Hartford,’ became more than just words, it became our anthem. He was more than proud of this City he was a champion for it,” Mayor Eddie Perez said.

Peters will be remembered as one of the city's most likable mayors and a proud cheerleader for the state's capital city. He also gained national recognition.

In 1996, Governing Magazine wrote an article about him called, "The Magician of Hartford" and chose him as one of the public officials of the year that year.

Peters' main focus was on combating crime. For him, crime was an issue that hit home. With the help of this new firehouse dedication, he will help fight fires as well.

Before being elected mayor, Peters served as a Hartford firefighter for 22 years.

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