Fireworks Can Frighten Pets

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For many people, this Fourth of July weekend is a time to relax and celebrate, and fireworks are a big part of it. But the loud noises can cause havoc for pets, which is something people at the Glastonbury Dog Park know well.

“He’s terrified. He finds the deepest place in the house to hide to,” said Glastonbury resident Vianna Zimbel.

Zimbel’s 5-year-old pup Casey is one of many dogs that would prefer a quieter celebration.

The Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter says they start noticing an uptick in lost dogs around the Memorial Day Weekend. The cause: fireworks.

“Obviously a lot of people just adopted dogs within the last year, so we’re really trying to guide people who have never had a dog before of what they should be doing and shouldn’t be doing,” said Director of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Laura Burban.

Burban says keeping pets inside while fireworks go off is the most important thing to do. The loud noises can cause leashed dogs to run away from their owners, break through electric fences, and even jump physical fences to get away from the sound.

“If you know your dog already has anxiety, before we get into fireworks season, go and talk to your vet because sometimes they have things there that can calm the dogs,” said Burban.

Burban says you can also put your dog or cat in a crate with a blanket over it and place it in a dark room with soft music playing. You can also give them smart toys to keep them distracted.

Zimbel says her dog does well with a thunder shirt, and she makes sure he’s easy to identify.

“He’s chipped. His collar has an indelible marker on it with our cell phone numbers. He’s got a tag with our cell phone numbers,” said Zimbel.

Zimbel says she makes sure Casey knows everything will be fine.

“Just keep telling him it’s OK, it’s OK and give him lots of hugs,” said Zimbel.

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