Tracking Scattered Thunderstorms

We're tracking a line of thunderstorms.


All Severe Thunderstorm Warnings have expired across Connecticut. The National Weather Service reports several trees down in Kent but no other damage reports have been received. There are a handful of power outages across the state but it's unclear if they're weather related.


A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is in effect for Litchfield county. Wind gusts in excess of 60 mph and small hail are possible with this storm.

There is also a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for a storm in Windham county. Most of these cells do not meet severe criteria. 



Storms are weakening as they move across the state. Here's a look at a couple of thunderstorms. 

This storm in Torrington is tracking to the east at 45 mph and is headed directly towards the Hartford area. The storm is not severe however it is providing a prolific lightning storm. 



We're also monitoring a storm moving through Salisbury. This storm is headed due east at 45 mph. Here's a time-line of when you can expect it near your hometown. 

It will be in the Hartford area by 11:52. These storms have a history of frequent lightning and heavy downpours. 



We continue to track scattered thunderstorms moving through the state. The storms have a history of frequent lightning, heavy downpours, and gusty winds.

Here's a time-line of when the storms will be near your town.



We continue to monitor a line of storms that are moving towards Connecticut. We're expecting the thunderstorms to move into Litchfield county first. 

Here's a timeline of when we're expecting the storms to be in your hometown. 

The storms are expected to bring frequent lightning and gusty winds. It looks like the majority of the storms that move through the state will stay below the severe criteria. The strongest storms are just to our north, impacting parts of western and central Massachusetts. 



We continue to track a line of thunderstorms that are moving towards Connecticut. Take a look at First Alert Doppler Radar. This radar image is from 8:46. You can see that there are Severe Thunderstorm Warnings just miles to our north in parts of New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont. 

The strongest storm in the northeast is about 30 miles away. The good news is that this specific cell will likely stay north of Connecticut.

One of the products we use to look for damaging winds is called velocity. The bright red is representing winds of 65 knots (75 mph) just 500 ft above the ground. This is likely causing wind damage in throughout parts of eastern New York. This cell is headed towards western Massachusetts. 


Here's a look at Interactive Radar:

Thunderstorms will likely bring gusty winds, downpours, and frequent lightning. Most of the severe thunderstorms will stay to the north of Connecticut.

Make sure to download the NBC Connecticut App for the latest forecast and to track the storm with Interactive Radar. 

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