Fisherman Goes for Big Fish Record

A North Branford man who caught one massive striped bass last week has decided to turn the fish over to see if it sets a world record.

Greg Myerson caught the 81.8-pound fish in the waters off Westbrook and weighed in it on Friday at Jack’s Shoreline Bait & Tackle in Westbrook. Quickly, fishing blogs and Twitter were heating up with the news of the big fish and On the Water reports reported that the fish could be eligible for a world record if it was properly documented, but Myerson took the fish home rather than pursue the official record.  

Now, it seems he has changed his mind because the International Game Fish Association is in the process of certifying the fish's weight. The process could take weeks.

The existing record is 78 pounds, set by a New Jersey fisherman in the 1980s.

The official state record for a striped bass is 75 pound, 6 ounces, set by Steven Franco in 1992.

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