Fleeing Florence: Some Travelers Head to or Through Connecticut

More than one million people have been told to get out of the way of Hurricane Florence. Some headed through Connecticut as they escaped the storm.

“This is the first time we’ve ever actually left. My wife kept saying it’s going to be a tough storm,” said Ladwaun Edwards.

Edwards and his family stopped for a quick break at a rest area on Interstate 95 in Milford on Wednesday.

“We were actually highly encouraged to evacuate. That’s why we did,” said Kim Edwards.

They left their home in Jacksonville, North Carolina on Tuesday.

It’s just north of Wilmington and could get pounded by Hurricane Florence.

As of 11 p.m. Wednesday night, Hurricane Florence was a Category 2. Chief Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan rode along with the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the US Air Force Reserve as they flew through the storm and collected valuable data.

“They boarded up, taped up windows, pulled stuff from the yard, brought it into the garage,” said Ladwaun Edwards.

At Bradley International Airport on Wednesday, passengers arrived from South Carolina after vacations were cut short.

“We were evacuated. We were told we had to leave,” said James Goddiess of Stonington. “A little nerve-racking especially when they came and boarded up our rental house while we were still there.”

This was the last Spirit flight from Myrtle Beach to Hartford that’s planned for days.

Janet Wellington lives down there.

“The scary thing is not knowing when we can go back,” said Wellington.

And back in Milford, the Edwards are headed to Rhode Island to wait out the storm with family.

“I think we made a good decision,” said Kim Edwards.

The Myrtle Beach airport reports that all commercial flights will end Thursday morning.

Decisions on when flights will resume will be made after the hurricane makes landfall.

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