Fluffy Morning Snow

A period of steady snow will produce a bit of accumulation Thursday morning across the state. In the Hartford area only a coating to an inch is expected and along the shoreline 1"-3" is possible. This is certainly not a big deal but the timing isn't best as the snow will be falling during the morning commute. 

Chief Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan has the forecast for the December13th,2017

One reason why we think this storm may produce higher totals than we initially thought is because of a very high snow:liquid ratio. What I mean by that is that only 0.1" of liquid could produce 2" of snow (a 20:1 ratio!) which is a pretty impressive fluff factor. 

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This is a time-height cross section showing relative humidity (colors) and lift (red lines) in the atmosphere. Highlighted are the areas of the atmosphere between -12c and -18c. The best lift is located in a relatively deep layer between -12c and -18c which should favor large and fluffy snow flakes (dendrites) that grow readily. Because of that we're forecasting a 15:1 snow:liquid ratio as opposed to a typical 10:1 ratio.

The way snow gets fluffy is when temperatures are cold and the snow flakes are produced in clouds that are between -12c and -18c. Snow flake production is maximized at this temperature and the flakes that form at this temperature tend to pile up readily. 

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