Food Truck for Veterans Vandalized

In Winthrop, Maine, the community is appalled by an apparent attack on veterans: a food truck that benefits veterans' groups has been vandalized with feces.

Someone wrote "F*** you veterans, you die" with human waste on the side of the food truck, according to members of the local American Legion and VFW post. Police are looking for the person or people responsible.

"I want them to know they really hurt people, and they disrespected a lot of people," said Tina Bowden, a member of the American Legion Auxiliary who discovered the damage Thursday morning.

She said the attack was more than a sick message: the vandals also caused about $400 in damage by cutting the power cord to the truck. Freezers and refrigerators full of food spoiled overnight.

"I mean we're working for free, we're volunteers, I'm a disabled vet," said food truck manager John Brennan. He said the food truck is a major fundraiser for the American Legion and VFW posts, and they only turn a modest profit each week. All of the money supports veterans' causes in the community.

"The Legion is a big part of town," said Winthrop Police Lt. Dan Cook. He is asking the public to come forward with any tips about suspicious activity near Maranacook Lake late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

"Even if it's anonymous, it's something we can look at," said Lt. Cook.

As word of the vandalism spreads, people have been stopping by the food truck to show their support and provide donations.

"It warms my heart, after having it broken," said Brennan.

He hopes those responsible are brought to justice, and that they learn an important lesson.

"Whoever did this needs to learn where their freedom comes from."

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