Divorce, Millionaire Style: Sex, Money and Lies

The soap opera continued on Friday at the divorce trial for United Technologies chairman George David.

Marie Douglas-David, the 36-year-old Swedish wife of David, admitted she signed a post-nuptial agreement and even tried to have it enforced in 2006 when she filed for divorce.

The post-nup at issue would give her $43 million, but she wants more - $56 million more - totaling $99 million. David's net worth is estimated at $330 million.

Douglas-David, who says she has nearly $54,000 a week in expenses (you can read them here) wants the judge to declare the agreement invalid, saying she was coerced into signing it. She's seeking $130,000 a month in alimony and nearly $390,000 in legal fees.

Lawyers for the UTC Chairman argued Friday that the judge should declare the agreement as valid.

On Thursday a lawyer for Douglas-David tried to cast doubt on her estranged husband's credibility by accusing him of lying in previous testimony about sex with his mistress.

David, 67, denied having lied under oath in previous proceedings, including a sworn deposition in December.

"I do not agree with that in any way," he said after his testimony. He took the stand again Thursday after brief questioning by his own attorney Wednesday afternoon.

Lawyers asked him about real estate, stock and jewelry he'd purchased for his wife, including a $150,000 engagement ring.

On top of the $99 million she is seeking, Douglas-David also wants to keep expensive jewelry, two Mercedes-Benz automobiles, real estate in Sweden and assorted personal property.

David argues that he and Douglas-David, who were married in 2002, have already followed through on some of the terms of the agreement, and that she had tried to have it enforced during a previous court case in New York. He says those facts support the agreement's validity.

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