Forensic Expert Dr. Henry C. Lee Reacts to LAPD Announcement of New Evidence in OJ Simpson Double Murder Trial

Connecticut’s own Dr. Henry C. Lee was a key forensics witness during the double murder trial of O.J. Simpson for the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Dr. Lee’s testimony bolstered the defense team's theory that more than one attacker was responsible for the murders.

Dr. Lee tells NBC Connecticut fairly quick lab testing and results will reveal whether there is a link to the homicides on the knife now being investigated by LAPD Detectives.

Dr. Lee's testimony for the defense was critical to their theory that more than one attacker was involved in the murders.

The weapon used in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman has remained a mystery for more than two decades. Dr. Lee added, “If this is from the O.J. Simpson home, kind of embarrassing."

Fresh reaction tonight, to the news Los Angeles Police are now investigating a knife found at OJ Simpson's former estate sometime after he was acquitted of double murder. The knife was handed over to a now-retired policeman working security near the property at the time.

NBC Connecticut spoke with Dr. Henry Lee by phone Friday afternoon. Dr. Lee stated, “How can you miss the knife? It’s big, single-edge, long knife, pretty sharp."

You'll recall, the internationally known forensic expert from right here in Connecticut was called as a Defense witness at OJ Simpson's trial back in 1995.

Reporter Jill Konopka asked Dr. Lee, ‘Can you even recover DNA from the knife? Dr. Lee responded, "If the knife underneath someplace, yes, if protected. If knife exposed to environment you probably can still find some mitochondrial DNA. If you find hairs, because that's a really brutal murder so there should be sufficient amount of blood, or tissue, or cells still, or hair on them. “

Dr. Lee says the first order of business is doing a lab test to find out if there's blood on the knife in question.

Dr. Lee stated, “Second, is that human blood? If it’s human blood what is the DNA type? Code? Then you establish the link between this knife and homicide, then of course you want to link this knife to OJ Simpson or not, then find out whether OJ Simpson DNA on the knife because he supposedly cut himself.”

The person who had the knife last, needs to give good details to forensic experts.
Dr. Lee added, “If the knife is already rusted, going to have some problems, because rust is going to give false positive.”

Dr. Lee says he has not been called for any expert opinions with these new developments.

According to the constitution, Simpson cannot be re-tried for the murders even if the knife is proven to be linked to the case.

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