Former CT Official Chosen to Lead EPA

President Barack Obama has chosen the former commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Obama is making several personnel announcements on Monday, including nominating Gina McCarthy to run the EPA.

McCarthy joined the Obama administration in 2009 as Assistant Administrator for the Office Air and Radiation.

"Gina McCarthy is an environmental protector for all seasons,” U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal said in a statement. “Over the years we worked together in Connecticut, she was consistently tough, fair, and smart as an environmental law enforcer. She recognizes the need to sometimes strike a balance between environmental activism and economic growth – but that the two are more commonly mutually supportive. I'm proud and delighted that a former Connecticut colleague will assume this key environmental protection position. Achieving confirmation – which I will actively support – should be aided by her excellent service to two Republican governors, showing that environmental protection is truly bipartisan."

Sen. Chris Murphy said McCarthy has done an "impressive" job.

"Here in New England, protecting the environment isn’t a partisan issue, and Gina’s work embodies the best of that long tradition—one that she has ably continued in Washington. She’s a tough, principled fighter who’s always been willing to do the sometimes difficult work of building consensus and working with industry and non-profit communities alike," McCarthy said. "She’s done an impressive job helping to implement the Clean Air Act over the last four years, and I’m thrilled to work with her on the full range of EPA’s important responsibilities going forward."

U.S. Rep. John Larson also had positive things to say about McCarthy.

“As Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Gina McCarthy worked tirelessly to protect Connecticut’s environment and helped develop the type of forward thinking policies that ensured future generations would enjoy our natural resources for years to come. With experience in both Connecticut and Massachusetts, Gina has demonstrated a great sense of the important issues facing New England and has continued to show her commitment to protecting our environment as the Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation," McCarthy said.

He said she  has worked successfully with both Democrats and Republicans to improve environmental and public health policy.

"I am thrilled that she has been nominated to head the Environmental Protection Agency, and know that her dedication, experience and expertise make her an outstanding choice for this position,” Larson said.

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