Former Miss Connecticut is One of Hill's Most Beautiful

If you take a trip to Capitol Hill, one of the tour guides might look familiar.

Nikki Palmieri, who was Miss Connecticut in 2004, is a U.S. Capitol tour guide. She is also among the 50 people the considers the most beautiful people on Capitol Hill.

Palmieri, a 27-year-old North Haven native, told the Hill that she started competing in pageants as a whim and that led to scholarship money for an education that she is putting to work by teaching other’s about the country’s history.

The pageant winner graduated from Connecticut College in 2004, with a degree in anthropology.  She then went on to the University of New Haven, where she earned a master’s in education, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Palmieri taught U.S. and world history at Greens Farms Academy in Westport  before moving to Washington, D.C., according to a bulletin on the University of New Haven Web site.

Last year, she took a job as a tour guide with the Capitol Visitor Center, according to the Hill.

“It’s all the benefits of teaching without grading papers and without parent conferences,” she told the Hill.

Of course the article is about the prettiest people in the nation’s Capitol, so there was a question about beauty routine:

She moisturizes each morning before applying makeup and goes to sleep by 11 p.m. to avoid looking tired.

She told the Hill that her tour guide job allows her to focus on history, and also take more time for herself and the life she is building with her fiance, House Democratic Caucus’s creative director.

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