Former President Bill Clinton Stops at New Haven Pizzeria

The former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, stopped into a New Haven favorite on Thursday as his wife campaigns in the state.

Clinton was seen at Frank Pepe's Pizza in New Haven on Thursday afternoon. 

Earlier, Hillary Clinton was in the state's capital to discuss gun violence across the country. The Democratic front-runner is expected to be in Bridgeport this weekend.

Witnesses said the former president looked delighted to be there and even made his way to talk to everyone sitting inside the restaurant. 

"He’s not really a stranger to Pepe’s," Devin Lynch, of Watertown, said. "He looked like he wanted to be there and really wanted to talk to everyone."

Lynch, an 18-year-old freshman at Southern Connecticut State University, said he had been waiting in line for about a half hour with his dad and brothers outside of Pepe's when the motorcade showed up. 

"We saw the motorcade and didn't really know what was going on," Lynch said. "My mom was actually held up because of it."

What happened next, Lynch said, was "pretty neat."

"He got out of the car and there he was!" Lynch told NBC Connecticut. "I have never been that close proximity to a former president."

Lynch said that they were able to snap a picture with Clinton outside the restaurant and were told at there table that that would be their only opportunity.

However, Clinton had other plans.

"He got to our table and said, 'Let's take a family photo!'" Lynch said.

Lynch said Clinton sat with the family for a few minutes and commented on the baseball jersey his brother, Timothy, was wearing. Clinton asked 17-year-old Timothy where his team was from and what position he played. 

"It was an overall great experience," Lynch said. "Not something you’d expect to see in New Haven on a Thursday -- to see a former president."

Clinton isn't the only candidate trying to scoop up Connecticut delegates in the close race to the election this fall. John Kasich will rally in Glastonbury on Friday.

Bernie Sanders is expected to be in Hartford on Monday, sources told NBC Connecticut on Thursday.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared in Hartford last week and will be in Waterbury and Bridgeport on Saturday morning. 

Lynch, who is from the town over, said it's quite the coincidence.

"It would be really funny to have another presidential candidate right next to my hometown on Saturday," Lynch said. 

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