Former Stratford High School Math Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Behavior With Students

A former Stratford High School math teacher accused of inappropriate behavior with students has been arrested. 

School officials identified the teacher as Gregg Gustafson, 46, of Bridgeport, who taught math at the school for the last five years.

Dr. Janet Robinson, the Stratford schools superintendent, said Gustafson went to a student's house and wrestled with them. 

"Even though it's not sexual in nature, it's inappropriate particularly for a teacher," Robinson said. 

The investigation started on Feb. 25, when police received a complaint about Gustafson’s alleged inappropriate actions with some of his students and Robinson released a statement, saying she suspended him immediately and he resigned on March 31. 

A parent of two male students said Gustafson came over their house as an "unofficial" tutor in February, according to court documents. 

Survelliance video set up in the home purportedly shows Gustafson tickling and wreslting the boys while their parents weren't home.

One minor told police Gustafson had given him several "wedgies" and even ripped his underwear, according to the arrest warrants. 

The boy also said that Gustafson had tied his hands up, put a rope around his neck and when the boy tried to "tap out", the teacher said "no". 

When the boy's parent came out, Gustafson allegedly said, "Go hug and kiss your mom. You better be happy she came and saved your life. Make sure you smile when you hug her," the arrest warrant said. 

The boy made two videos of his stretched out and ripped boxers. Gustafson allegedly asked for the videos to get deleted, police said. 

Gustafson was charged with tampering with a witness, criminal attempt at bribery of a witness and tampering with or fabricating evidence.

“While I have been assured by investigators that this case doesn’t appear to be sexual in nature, any inappropriate behavior involving our students will not be tolerated,” Robinson said in a statement. 

Gustafson was released on a $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Bridgeport Court on June 14. 

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