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Former Teammates Start Pro-Amateur Basketball League in Connecticut

ImpaCT Training in a place for athletes that focuses on training, strength, conditioning as well as skill development.

Basketball has bonded Steve Samuels and Chris Prescott for years.

“We knew each other in middle school and high school,” said Bloomfield native Chris Prescott.

“We were rivals in high school, then we became teammates in college at Saint Peter’s University,” added Windsor native Steve Samuels. “Once we graduated and decided to play professional basketball, we wanted to give back as well.”

That’s when they founded ImpaCT Training in an effort to help athletes achieve their full potential.

“We do training, strength, conditioning as well as skill development and we do community events as well,” said Samuels.

Their reach is continuing to expand. This summer, Chris and Steve started The League, a pro-amateur basketball league that features some of the top players in the area.

“The league started so fast,” said Samuels. “We only had two weeks to get this done.”

“This is something I play in,” added Prescott. “I know what the players want, I know what they need.”

The league’s inaugural season concluded on Sunday and the first season was a huge success.

“The sky is the limit on where this can go,” said Prescott. “I just know the support that we’ve gotten this year has been phenomenal.”

Between The League and ImpaCT Training, Prescott and Samuels hope to be a positive influence on young athletes for years to come.

“This is something that is a calling for me as well as Chris,” said Samuels. “We just have to help build our community. It takes a village and we’re just doing our part.”

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