Former UConn Basketball Stars Tee Off for a Good Cause

Two prosthetic legs aren't stopping Joe Arsenault of Granby from hitting the green. He lost both legs in an accident seven years ago, and through therapy learned to pick up the golf club again. On Monday, he played in the 23rd annual Tolland Fund Tournament in Glastonbury.

"I like to come out here, let people know, even though you have a disability, you can still go on. I don't look at it as a disability, I look at it as a different ability. I have a different ability than anybody else out here, but I enjoy what I do," said Arsenault.

Arsenault, like the others in this golf tournament, were golfing to raise money for the Tolland Fund, a group that sponsors programs and events for athletes with disabilities.

"It's about giving back. Life's a two-way street, you can't just keep taking, taking, taking, you have to give back. And this is one way to give back," said Arsenault.

Arsenault was in good company. NBA star and former UConn Alum Kevin Ollie hosted the event and played against other former UConn stars like the Celtic's Ray Allen.

"It's just been a great opportunity to allow those kids to realize their dreams no matter what the setbacks is for them as a disability athlete," said Ollie.

The NBA stars said it also puts life into perspective.

"Through our sport, we inspire a lot of people, a lot of people inspire us as well. People you see who have any disability, that get up every day and they go about their own routine and are extraordinary by going the extra mile and competing themselves. It's definitely exemplary," said Allen.

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