Former VP Joe Biden Speaks to Packed House in New Haven

The house was packed at the John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts in New Haven Friday night as people gathered to hear former Vice President Joe Biden speak. 

Biden was delayed to accept an award on behalf of U.S. Senator John McCain and arrived about an hour late, but the crowd was happy to see him and listen to him talk about a wide range of issues. 

“We are less divided as a people on issues than when I ran as a 28 year-old kid announcing my candidacy for the U.S. Senate. By that, I mean think about it on every major issue, from same-sex marriage to infrastructure, there’s somewhere between 54 and 78 percent of the American people who agree. What’s broken is our political system,” Biden said. 

Biden spoke at length about the division between parties in Congress in Washington and also spoke about some of the challenges he sees in President Donald Trump’s administration. 

Our cameras were only allowed to roll for the first few minutes of the remarks, but Biden talked about everything from his service in the Obama administration to his time in the Senate, to the death of his son Beau from cancer and his current push to find a cure. 

Biden said there are several up-and-coming stars in the ranks of young Democrats who he’d like to support, but he also didn’t completely rule out the possibility of running for president. 

The night wasn’t all serious. Biden briefly mentioned all of the so-called bromance memes about his close friendship with President Barack Obama that were viral on social media in 2017 and said still make him laugh. 

“By the way, all those memes are true except we’ll make it clear he made the very first friendship bracelet, not me,” Biden said. 

What Biden did not address was the back and forth between himself and President Trump on Twitter. 

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