Fotis Dulos Heads Back to Court Today for Civil Case

Next week marks five months since Jennifer Dulos disappeared after dropping her five kids off at school and on Tuesday the legal battle between her mother and estranged husband continues.

Jennifer's mother, Gloria Farber, is suing Jennifer's husband, Fotis Dulos, in civil court to get back millions of dollars she claims her late husband lent Fotis for his business and home mortgage.

A hearing on the case is set for Tuesday.

She also has a motion to find out what role Fotis' girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, had in Fotis' company, the Fore Group.

This week, a spokesperson for the family spoke out and called claims that Jennifer got medical treatment after she vanished "absurd."

Fotis' attorney asked a judge to release her medical records last week. He claimed a medical bill he got in July could be evidence that she's still alive.

But Jennifer's family spokesperson said the bill was an automatic charge and has nothing to do with service rendered.

Fotis and Troconis are both charged in connection with Jennifer's disappearance.

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