Six Injured in Bristol Fire

Six people, including two firefighters, were injured when fire broke out at the multi-family home at 21 Reilly Place in Bristol  late Monday night.

All four of the apartments in the home were evacuated when the three-story building caught fire around 11 p.m., according to fire officials.

The building is inhabitable, officials determined. The second-floor porch collapsed onto the first floor.

Water pressure posed a problem for firefighters, fire officials said, and the water department was going to be checking hydrants to find out.

Some of the residents were sleeping in their cars, in front of the building, early Tuesday morning.

Two residents were transported to Hartford Hospital, and two were treated at Bristol Hospital. Two firefighters were also treated and released.

Officials at the scene said that the injuries mostly included minor burns. Two of the residents who were hurt said they were treated for third-degree burns, but are OK.

As of about 5 a.m., two residents had been released from the hospital. The condition of the two firefighters is unknown.

There was extensive damage to the home, especially in the back porch area. Firefighters said that the water pressure was an issue in battling the blaze. However, they were able to get the fire under control shortly before midnight.

 Fire officials are investigating the cause of the fire.

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