New London

Fox Tests Positive for Rabies in New London


The Ledge Light Health District issued a warning to New London residents after a fox found in the city tested positive for rabies on Monday.

Health officials said the animal was found in the area of Georgiana Street and Cape Ann Court. The public is warned not to approach or feed any wild or stray animals, which could be carrying the virus.

Rabies is a deadly disease spread mostly through the saliva of infected animals. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds pet owners to keep their animals up to date on rabies vaccination as a preventative measure.

If you think you had contact with an infected animal, contact a medical provider immediately. Swift treatment is essential to prevent fatal illness. For more information on rabies from the CDC, click here.

Anyone with questions can contact the Ledge Light Health District at 860-448-4882 or New London Animal Control at 860-447-5231.

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