Free Pet Wellness Clinic in Norwich

The Connecticut Humane Society partnered with the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut and St. Vincent de Paul Place for a free pet wellness clinic Wednesday in Norwich.

"It is enabling us to help pet owners who can't have access or don't have access to pet health care to come get some free services," says Theresa Geary, Director of Operations, Connecticut Humane Society.

All of the pet services are provided by in house veterinarians from the Humane Society at no cost to the owner.

"So we will examine these animals, we will do some nail trimming, some basic you know mat grooming if we need to," says Geary. "But really we're wanting a veterinarian to get their hands on these animals, often it's the first time, and they’re going to look for heart worm testing, we're going to look for flea and tic problems, and we really want to make sure these guys are in good health."

Something the Connecticut Humane Society places a strong emphasis on.

"It's really important if we take a pet into our home that we're providing for them what they deserve," says Alicia Wright, Coordinator at the Connecticut Humane Society. "What they need, what they want as we would for our own children or other members of our family."

This was the 4th clinic held at the William A. Buckingham Memorial Building in Norwich, with the intention to complete 6 clinics funded by multiple grants. Appointments are first come first serve, and they are hoping to serve around 40 pets with the estimated cost for these services being roughly $260. 

"It's a great opportunity for us to connect with the community and work with them by keeping those pets in their home instead of bringing them into a shelter so it's a great, great event for us," explains Wright.

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