Freezing Pipes Cause Problems in Connecticut

Below-freezing temperatures have become a nightmare for some homeowners, and it's kept heating and plumbing companies and emergency crews scrambling.

The cold weather has forced heating systems to break and pipes to freeze and burst.

At the Hartford Police Department, a frozen sprinkler pipe led to flooding on the first floor though no services were interrupted.

Homeowners are finding it can be a major disruption for them.

"It's almost exponential. The colder it gets, the more calls you're going to get," said Phil Clement, Marketing Director for Aiello Home Services.

Aiello Home Services Heating and Air Conditioning Technician Shawn Foley says a common but dangerous mistake is when people try to thaw frozen pipes using something like a blow torch.

Plainfield Firefighters say a contractor did just that and started a fire yesterday, but if the flames don't get you, the flooding could.

"Not only is there dangers in actually trying to thaw it, but once it's thawed, the possibility of having water all over the place is pretty high," said Foley.

Experts also recommend keeping all your thermostats within five degrees of each other and to not let your home drop before 60F because pipes in exterior walls will freeze. Foley says the cost to fix one can be anywhere from $1,000-$1,500.

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