French Flag Being Flown at State Capitol Building, Governor's Residence After Paris Terror Attacks

The French flag is flying on the dome of the State Capitol building and outside the Governor's Residence Saturday as Connecticut shows it's standing in solidarity with the people of France after terror attacks in Paris that killed at least 129, including one American, and injured hundreds.

"It was an extraordinary tragedy and a truly dark day across the globe. The people of Connecticut stand in solidarity with France. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who suffered through yesterday's attacks,” Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said. “We must stand up against terrorism and extremism across the world."

UConn in Storrs reported that 17 of its students and one faculty member in Paris are unharmed and Trinity College in Hartford said that its 30 students studying abroad in Paris now are also safe.

Devon Puglia, a spokesperson for the governor, said enhanced measures are being taken by state police, on trains and at the airport in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, but that there's no "specific or credible threat" here in Connecticut.

"The Connecticut State Police continues to monitor the situation in Paris and asks residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activity or people to police immediately," Trooper Kelly Grant, spokesperson for the Connecticut State Police, wrote to NBC Connecticut in an email.

Local police, including officers in Bridgeport and New Haven, remained on extra alert Saturday.

"In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France, all officers are reminded to remain vigilant while on and off duty, especially around transportation hubs and areas where large groups of people gather," Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph L. Gaudett Jr. said. "While there are no specific or credible known threats to Bridgeport, or Connecticut, at this time, the sad reality is that radicalized individuals may take actions similar to those in Paris at any place and at any time. Never before has law enforcement’s role been so critical in identifying and thwarting potential terrorist action in our Homeland."

He added, Our residents have been stunned by these series of attacks in Paris, and they rely upon us to ensure their safety. I know that you will not let them down. Please maintain your situational awareness at all times, and if you see something, say something."

New Haven Officer David B. Hartfman wrote that patrol officers "will be as observant as ever, checking the city’s neighborhoods and infrastructure for anything deemed suspicious."

"Law Enforcement officials throughout the country are urging the public to report suspicious conditions to their local authorities. If you see something, say something. Our efforts are to assure an anxious public that we, and our policing partners are here to protect our communities. Our nation stands in solidarity with the people of Paris as they go through this heartbreaking time," Hartman said.

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