Friday Marks First Day of Golf Season for Many

Cold wet weather has kept many driving ranges and golf courses closed, but some finally opened up Friday, marking the first day of the golf season, and golfers couldn't be happier.

“This is the first day of golf season. Full of promise, nothing but potential,” said Hamden resident George Platt.

The greens are still soggy and brown, but golfers are unfazed.

“Just to come out and be on the course beats a day at work,” said Dan Hamel, of Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Hamel and his foursome came from Springfield to take a swing at the greens at New Haven's municipal golf course on opening day, where the first five hours of tee times were filled.

“It goes back a couple weeks, trying to find courses that were open,” Hamel added.

Finding a course that's dry enough to play on has been a challenge.

Looking for a place to practice, a steady stream of students have been lining up at Golf Quest's driving range in Southington all week.

"We are usually able to get out the first week we get back to school, but this is a pretty bad delay with all the snow,” said Owen McGowan, a senior on the Taft School’s golf team.

With the hometown course still closed, coach Jake Kenerson said the team's season would likely be delayed.

"That's two weeks of our golf season gone right there, so we're being impacted hugely by the weather and the winter for sure,” said Kenerson.

Golf's a game at the mercy of Mother Nature, and players know they've got to make the most of the short time they have to be out on the links.

"Happy swinging, happy season. Before you know it, it'll be December again,” pointed out Pat Paulson, of East Haven.

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