Friday Snow and a Bigger Tuesday Threat

Editor's Note: This story is from March 2017.

Snow will be flying across most of Connecticut Friday morning. The morning commute looks sloppy. We're not talking about a major storm but I am expecting some issues.

The biggest question I have is how much dry air hanging out over western Massachusetts will sink south into far northern Connecticut? Will dry air eat up the snow in the lowest levels of the atmosphere in the Connecticut River Valley north of Hartford? This is definitely a possibility.

At this point a model blend/consensus indicates 2"-4" is a likely outcome in most locations with a bit more possible in a few spots near the shoreline and a bit less possible along the Massachusetts border. A few of our high resolution models have little, if any, accumulation near Windsor Locks and Enfield - this is a possibility if the dry air comes in a bit more impressive than currently modeled. 

Of the 51 European Ensemble members more than 60% of them drop over 6 inches of snow on Tuesday. For a storm 5 days out this is a very strong signal!

What is looking more interesting is the potential for a major nor'easter on Tuesday. Many of our computer models now show a substantial snowstorm - capable of double digit snowfall totals. In fact, the European Ensemble has more than 60% probabilities of over 6" of snow on Tuesday across Connecticut - that's a really, really big probability for a storm 5 days out! This storm could be a big deal so stay tuned!

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