Friends of Hit-and-Run Victim Seek Justice on Facebook

Henry Waye was walking his bicycle up a hill in Bristol on March 5 when someone came up from behind and hit the 14-year-old. Less than five hours after being hit, Henry was pronounced dead.

No one has been charged in the case and friends of the Bristol teen are looking for justice. For help, they have turned to Facebook.

More than 600 people have joined the Facebook Group Justice for Henry Waye. What they want is for police to arrest "the jerk" who struck and killed Waye along George Street.

Alesia Ervin, a 2007 graduate of Bristol Central High School, created the Web site. She never met Waye, she writes on the page. 

Ervin encourages people to post articles, videos and pictures, anything as long as it’s not offensive to the memory of Henry or his family and friends. She also wants to get the word out that when you drink and drive recklessly, people die.

Waye's friends also want to see a skate park named in his memory, the Bristol Press reports.

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