From Sunshine to April Showers

April Showers for Thursday and Friday...

After a beautiful start to the week the weather will change to a more unsettled note.

Clouds will thicken up Wednesday ahead of rain showers that will move into the state on Thursday.

Thursday looks quite unsettled with scattered showers throughout much of the day. 

A steady rain will move in by Friday morning. The rain will last into the afternoon hours.

Many welcome the rain as the fire danger is 'High' statewide. The fire danger level is adjusted by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Click here to check on the latest 'Fire Danger' level.

It looks like most of the rain is out of here just in time for the weekend. 

Saturday will feature mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the low 60s, while Sunday will bring in a little more sunshine and higher temperatures. 

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