Frontier Billing Error Overcharges Customers by Hundreds of Dollars

Some customers who found repeated errors on their Frontier Communications bills had little luck in getting each charge resolved until nearly four months of trying.

Of the many hours Jane Barszcz of Meriden has spent sorting through her cable bills, one scenario keeps coming back: The day a Frontier salesman pitched and sold her a new cable deal.

“He said, ‘I’ll give you a great bundle if you put all your stuff together,’” said Barszcz.

Frontier offered a bundle at $120 a month, a quote cheaper than what she and her husband had paid their previous provider.

“Not one bill has even come close to what we should be paying,” said Barszcz.

Her first bill came in at $374.

She called Frontier and says an agent agreed her bill had an error, told her to make a partial payment and seemed determined to fix it.

That continued for four months.

“We really want this process to work,” said Bill Spigener, another Frontier customer facing similar issues.

Spigener and his wife Cathy expected a 16 dollar charge under Frontier’s Stay Connected program for each of the three months they spent in Florida.

“When we returned back here to Connecticut, there was a bill waiting here for us, for three-hundred and some dollars, and a note saying they were going to shut off our television,” said Spigener.

Cathy Spigener estimates she has spent six hours on the phone with seven different Frontier agents.

“They were always pleasant,” she said. “They never fixed it, but they were always very pleasant to us. So you almost had nowhere to go.”

Both couples reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds, who then called Frontier on behalf of both Barszcz and the Spigeners.

In both cases, the agent immediately corrected the mistake, which they say stems from the billing department not issuing the credits in time.

In a written statement sent via email, Frontier said: 

“We are pleased the billing issues have been resolved. Our first priority is always serving our customers. Our Frontier employees work diligently to improve the customer experience every day. Unfortunately errors can happen from time to time. As you know customer confidentiality prohibits me from discussing our customer accounts, but I can assure you Frontier is committed to resolving all such issues as quickly as possible.”

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