Frontier Communications Employee Credited With Saving Customer

A Frontier Communications employee is credited with saving a the life of a customer who suffered a medical emergency while on the phone with him.

John Pelow, who answers service calls pertaining to billing and sales for Frontier Communications in New Haven, took Joyce Crawford's call on July 10.

"She started to not feel well and she was slurring her words and feeling uncomfortable and telling me she was trying to say things, but couldn’t get them to her voice to speak," Pelow explained.

It turns out Crawford was suffering from a subdural hematoma and was bleeding from the brain.

"She had really was in serious trouble," said Pelow. "It was very emotional."

Pelow immediately grabbed another phone and called 911 while staying on the line with her.

"He said the magic words, 'I’m here with you and I’ll wait.' And he did. He waited to have the EMT’s there," Crawford recalled.

Medical personnel rushed Crawford to the hospital. She said she is now "doing well."

Crawford and Pelow met in person for the first time Wednesday in front of dozens of Frontier employees.

"I was so anxous the see the person belonging to the voice," Crawford told him.

She thanked him for saving her life.

"I probably would have waited to call the EMTs and wouldn’t have been able to," Crawford told NBC Connecticut. "And he not only made the suggestion, but he put the call right in."

Pelow also received an award Wednesday from state senators and Frontier Communications officials thanking him for his efforts.

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