Frozen Pipes Cause Thousands of Dollars' Worth of Damage to East Hartford Home

An issue with a boiler at an East Hartford home has led to a mess and thousands of dollars’ worth of damage after pipes froze.

The owner of the home no longer lives the issued started when the heat went out Monday.

He normally checks on the house but had not gotten there for a couple of days and the pipes froze, burst and caused water damage, including dripping ceilings, soaked carpets and damaged baseboard radiators.

The house is now uninhabitable and crews from Campbell Cooling in Newington have been working at the house for three days so far.

The cost of taking care of the boiler and the plumbing will cost between $10,000 and $15,000 and that does not include restoration of the ceiling in the floors. 

If you do lose heat, Jesse Lonsdale, of Campbell Cooling, recommends opening the cabinets under sinks and faucets, which will allow any remaining warm air to get to the pipes, and turn the water on to a trickle to keep it moving.

Every homeowner should also know how to turn off the water main and turn it off it a pipe does burst.

To protect your home, those with oil heat should avoid letting the tank go below a quarter. 

Aquarion Water has tips online for finding your emergency shut-off. 

Connecticut Water also has tips for winterizing your home. 

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