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‘Frustrating': West Haven Residents are Finding Piles of Missing Amazon Packages Across City

Days before Christmas, West Haven residents say piles of Amazon packages are being left in various spots across the city. The community is working together to get the packages delivered to the right addresses.

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When Suzanne McCurry-Scull was notified by Amazon that her package had been delivered, she said she was surprised to find nothing at the doorstep of her West Haven condo.

"They were marked as delivered and marked as handed to a resident and they were nowhere to be found," said Suzanne McCurry-Scull.

After texting with some neighbors, McCurry-Scull said she learned that she wasn't the only person missing a shipment. She soon found out that, instead of the packages being delivered to their final destinations, about two dozen Amazon packages were left in a pile outside a courtyard near her condo.

"You don't know what's in any of those packages and who might intercept them and steal them if they are left that way," said McCury-Scull.

McCurry-Scull eventually received her packages. She said she suspects they were dropped off by her condo's management company. But after experiencing the same problem with three separate packages in the last month, McCurry-Scull said she wants answers from Amazon.

"I don't think they are doing enough," said McCurry-Scull. "My brother is a delivery driver and I know how hard he works so to see somebody not do their job, and just disregard people's finances and time at Christmas, is just really frustrating."

She is not alone in her frustration. Reports are popping up from residents across the city. People have been sharing pictures on social media that show packages left at random homes and on street corners.

A West Haven man said that he found four packages outside of his house last night, but only one belonged to him. The others were for addresses that are streets away from his own.

In an updated statement sent to NBC Connecticut late Monday afternoon, an Amazon spokesperson said they are working with their local delivery service partners to identify the cause of the issue.

"We work hard to provide customers with a great experience and deeply regret that this situation did not live up to our high standards," said Loni Monroe, an Amazon spokesperson.

When Amazon customers have issues with their deliveries they are encouraged to contact customer service on Amazon.com.

In the meantime, community members are stepping up to help each other. People are posting on Facebook to let others know when they find packages and some are even offering to deliver packages for strangers.

Maxine Carrion and her fiance helped to connect four packages to their rightful owners.

"It's the holiday season. This could be a kid's gift," said Carrion. "For right now we are just trying to make sure that you know- holiday season, holiday cheer- that we are good for each other."

McCurry-Scull said it has been great to see a positive come out of an otherwise frustrating situation.

"It has been nice to see they community rally," said McCurry-Scull.

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