Fund for 7-Month-Old Baby's Funeral Expenses Raises $16,000

The death of 7-month-old Aaden Moreno has affected a community far beyond the circle of people who met him, and a fund set up to pay his funeral expenses has raised $16,000, surpassing its goal.

Police said Aaden was with his father, Tony Moreno, when the 21-year-old jumped from Middletown's Arrigoni Bridge into the Connecticut River in a suicide attempt Sunday night.

Emergency crews rescued Moreno, but there was no sign of the baby until nearly two days later, when a canoeist found his body near the East Haddam Swing Bridge Tuesday night.

Moreno has been charged with murder in connection with his son's death.

As the family prepares to lay Aaden to rest, friends of his mother are raising money through a GoFundMe page entitled "Help Lay Baby Aaden Moreno To Rest" to help cover the baby's funeral expenses.

As of Wednesday evening, the fund has collected nearly $16,000 in donations, exceeding its goal of $15,000.

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