Fundraiser Held for Family of 6-Year-Old Killed in Wood Chipper Incident

The town of Salem held a summer celebration to help a hurt family recover from the feeling of loss.


It's been 3 months of shock and heartache for the family and the town of Salem since 6-year-old Jeffrey Bourgeois, a first grader, died from a wood chipper accident right in front of his father in April.

The community came together and held a picnic fundraiser for the family at Salem Community Park Saturday.

People that have supported this family since their loss say its time to move on, begin healing, and celebrate the life of the little boy while showing the family the town of Salem has their back.

"The ultimate goal is to give this family a big community hug," said Jim Choquette, the town's event coordinator.

There was laughter and summer fun on the faces of the kids, small signs of healing from the people in the town of Salem.

"We are doing this for the family, make them money, help the town heal and bring everyone together, " said Salem Fire Chief, Eugene Maiorano.

Hundreds gathered for a community picnic to show the Bourgeois family that the town supports will always support them.

"It's a very close knit community. We are one school town. We are joined together," said Barbara James of Salem.

The money raised at the event went directly to the Bourgeois family.

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