Furlough Days Could Come for Hartford City Employees


Furlough days could be coming to Hartford city employees as the capital city looks for ways to save money. 

The furlough days are one way that has been proposed to drive down Mayor Eddie Perez’s proposed 5 percent tax increase for the next fiscal year, reports the Hartford Courant.
City Council members claim the city can save as much as $1.5 million through furloughs. The number of days imposed would depend on an employee’s position and whether that person works full time or part time.
While the mayor of Hartford has not included layoffs in his 2010-11 budget, it does increase residents' tax rate. The increase would be about $76.64 for each $1,000 of assessed property value.
The furlough days are not being received well by the union that represents hundreds of Hartford employees. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees told the newspaper that its union members had four furlough days for the current year and can’t afford another cut.
"We did furloughs last year, and as soon as we did the furloughs, they went on a spending streak," Clarke King, president of Council 4 Local 1716, told the Hartford Courant of city leaders. "I'm not willing to give anything up this year."
No final decisions have been made about the furlough days.

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