Gales Ferry Neighborhood Trapped by Downed Tree Limbs, Power Lines

People living in one Gales Ferry neighborhood were trapped on their own street until Tuesday evening.

Overlook Road only has one way in and one way out. For almost two whole days, residents were unable to get far while tree limbs and yards of power lines made part of the road impassable.

“We have two little ones so it’s been very frustrating,” said Jen Eastbourne, who lives on Glenwoods Court which feeds into Overlook Road.

“We’ve been climbing over (wires) all day to get back into the neighborhood,” said Melissa Withbroe, a resident on Overlook Road.

She knows it’s not the safest alternative. Her family had to walk a half mile just to get past the massive debris.

“We have my mother staying with us and we have to go get clothes for her and her medication. So it makes it difficult to have to call a family member to come get us,” Withbroe said.

“We’ve had really good friends and family that have actually been meeting us here and bringing us food. We walk out we meet them, we take the food back,” Eastbourne said.

Another main concern is what would have happened if there was an emergency. Residents feared to emergency vehicle could get through and on top of that, there’s no power.

Ledyard Mayor Fred Allyn III said Eversource brought in private tree contractors to help clear roads, like Overlook Road.

Eversource added 200 additional crews from as far as Missouri and Florida to help restore power to Connecticut towns. Allyn said currently about 80 to 85 percent of roads in Ledyard are fully passible.

Some Eversource crews are dedicated to Ledyard and expected to work overnight as well, Allyn added.

He’s been vocal about the lack of help to the town and said this is a step in the right direction. 

But with too many wires still on the ground, he postponed trick-or-treating until Friday.

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