gas leak

Gas Leak Forces Evacuations in Westport

Firefighters evacuated multiple buildings in Westport Monday when they discovered a gas leak

Fire officials said crews were called to investigate a loud “hissing noise” on the Jesup Green in front of the Westport Library around 11 a.m. Crews discovered a high-pressure gas line had been cut.

Officials believe a tent crew struck the line while setting up tents for an event over the weekend, but the damage was not noticed until the company returned and removed the tent stakes.

Surrounding buildings were evacuated while Southern CT Gas was called in to repair the issue. There was no shutoff easily available, so crews crimped the line to stop the leak.

No one was injured during the incident and once the gas line was crimped off and fire crews gas metered the buildings, everyone was allowed to return inside and businesses reopened.

The Westport Fire Department issued a reminder to contact “Call Before You Dig” at 811 to mark underground utilities before any project that involves digging.

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