Daycare Evacuated Due to Gas Emergency

Townsend Avenue in New Haven is closed and a daycare has been evacuated because of a gas leak.

The owner of Cathy's Clubhouse 99 Townsend Ave. said parents and a staff member noticed the gas odor Friday morning, so they called the gas company and the company told them to evacuate.

Five students and four staff members were evacuated from the daycare and went to Morris Cove Fire Station because it was raining.

Officials said readings showed elevated natural gas levels in the daycare and one other structure.

A post on the Cathy's Clubhouse Facebook page says everyone was evacuated, taken to the fire station and is safe.

The daycare will be closed for the rest of the day.

United Illuminating shut down the power.

Officials said there is an underground leak in the street and Southern Connecticut Gas is ready to dig to assess the situation and make repairs.

Townsend Ave is closed at Shoreham until further notice.

Anyone needing to get to the Morris Cove Area can use Dean Street.

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