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Gas Prices Expected to Climb Even Higher

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If you think gas prices are high now, hold onto your wallet.

Experts think they could climb even higher bucking the trend of the usual drop off at the end of the summer.

“It’s high here. It’s very high,” said Louie Figueroa, of Hartford.

In Connecticut, AAA reports the average gallon of regular is going for $3.30.

That’s up about a dime in just a week. It's more than a dollar higher than a year ago and it's at the highest level seen since 2014

“I deliver posters and I noticed what used to cost me $10 a day in gas, now I’m now spending $20. It’s a big difference,” said Calvin Dunnells, of Hartford.

Connecticut rings in about a nickel more than the national average.

AAA says rising fuel prices are a worldwide problem blamed on a spike in the cost of a barrel of oil.

“Oil closed almost at $80.00 a barrel on Friday. To give you some perspective, it was around $40 a barrel a year ago and oil is the biggest factor when it comes to the price you pay at the pump,” said AAA spokesperson Amy Parmenter.

NBC News reports a mix of reasons are causing the boost including bad weather, international factors and most importantly people using more energy after ending Covid-19 lockdowns.

“This is where we are today and kind of for the foreseeable future, but the expectation is that gas prices could inch up even further,” said Parmenter.

Experts suggest hunting for lower prices.

At a Fuel Plus in Meriden, people were filling up for $2.95 a gallon - one of the least expensive spots in the state.

“I literally live on the other side of town and I still come all the way over here,” said Makhi Harris, of Meriden.

Though if the price hike continues, some might be changing their plans including for the holidays.

“Actually go with a few people and everybody chips in. If you’re going solo, you have to think if you want to take that long ride because there is gas and tolls,” said Figueroa.

AAA says drivers don’t really change their trips until gas hits $3.50. And right now the expectation is that won’t happen here.

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