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Gas Prices in Connecticut Continue to Rise

CT gas prices on March 14, 2022
NBC Connecticut

The average cost of gas in Connecticut has gone up more than 15 cents per gallon in the past week, according to AAA.

The company said a gallon of gas at this time last week cost $4.06 and now, it's up to $4.23 a gallon.

The New Haven - Meriden area is the cheapest place to buy gas in the state, with an average cost of $4.19 a gallon.

The national average right now is $4.27. A week ago, it was $4.15.

Connecticut is in the middle of a gas tax holiday and gas prices are 25 cents cheaper per gallon than they would normally be. This gas tax holiday will continue through to Dec. 1.

AAA suggests using resources such as Fuel Price Finder to help drivers save on fuel.

The price of crude oil has also gone up, reaching an average cost of $109.88 per gallon. AAA says the cost of crude oil went up after the European Union announced a proposal to ban Russian oil imports within six months. It's not clear if the plan will be approved at this point.

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