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Gas Prices in Connecticut Top $3 a Gallon For the First Time in 2 Years

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Gas prices is Connecticut have now topped an average of $3 a gallon for the first time in two years, according to a AAA spokesperson.

Officials said this is not uncommon for this time of year, with last year being an exception because of the pandemic.

Average gas prices reached $3 a gallon at this time of year in both 2018 and 2019, according to AAA.

Gas prices are only expected to increase as we head into the busy summer driving months. However, they aren't expected to increase significantly.

The spokesperson said drivers can save money on gas by only using regular, not premium, unless the vehicle manufacturer specifically calls for it.

Other tips to saving money on gas include keeping your tires properly inflated, lightening your car load and driving slow and steady, utilizing features such as cruise control. Experts also say keeping your car parked in the shade in warmer weather and getting consistent checkups will help conserve gas.

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