Gay Rights Group To Shut Down

On Nov. 12, 2008, doors were unlocked for gay couples all over Connecticut when a law was passed to allow same-sex couples marriage privileges.

Connecticut advocacy group Love Makes a Family played a major role leading up to that monumental day. However, on Wednesday, in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, they said they would be closing their doors.

The organization, which was created in 1999, will shut down operations at the end of this year.

“With GLAD’s victory in the Kerrigan Supreme Court decision and with the knowledge that same-sex couples’ right to marry is secure, we can officially close our doors at the end of the year,” said Anne Stanback, executive director of Love Makes a Family. “We want to conclude our work on a high note.”

Connecticut is only one of two states in America where a couple of the same sex can legally get married. California passed a law to legalize gay marriage in May of last year, but it was reversed in November.

On its Web site, Love Makes A Family acknowledged a question that might be asked about the closing: Why would they cease operations right after a victory in gaining the right to marry, especially after California’s law was reversed so quickly?

“If we had any concern that we would lose our newly-won right, we would never consider closing,” the group said on the Web site. “Unlike California, Connecticut doesn’t have a ballot measure process that allows for an easy amending of the state Constitution.”

The site also said that polls at the end of 2008 showed a majority of the residents of Connecticut supported the right of same-sex couples to marry.

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